Grilled Corn On The Cob

The Host uses three different butter mixes to grill this corn. The Chipotle/Lime recipe looks good. This is one of those opportunities to expand your range. It is uncommon for people to do more than, say, wrap corn up in foil with butter and salt when grilling. So try something a little bit different.


Vietnamese Beef Rolls Recipe

Really cool recipe, step outside your comfort zone with this grilling recipe. He also shows you how to make a sauce that you can use with the beef roll but is also handy for other recipes you develop. To Access The Weber Grill Store, CLICK HERE!


Spiced Tri-Tip Roast

A nice video describing the proper way to grill a tri-tip slice of meat. He puts a nice pear, radicchio and Blue Cheese salad on the dish as well. Doesn’t really describe the salad itself, but that is fairly easy. To Access The Weber Grill Store, CLICK HERE!