Grilling fruits for use in milkshakes.

Grilled Fruit Milkshakes From Weber Grill

Who would have thought about grilling your fruits before using them for your milkshakes? Well, Weber Grill did. We have never seen a recipe like this! Grilling the fruits bring out the sugars in them, and gives the milkshake a great taste. Once we saw this video, our immediate reaction was to think that, you…

Delicious Pork Kabob Recipe.

Spanish Pork Kabobs

An excellent recipe from Weber Grill. Instead of going with a more traditional teriyaki sauce, the host uses a sherry vinegar for the marinade, whic also includes smoked paprika, cumin, garlic and salt. He marinates the pork for at least four hours.

How to smoke with a BBQ grill.

Smoking On Your BBQ Grill

In this video, Weber Grill shows you how to use your BBQ grill as a smoker. He uses a two fire, inderect method. This is a great video, he makes use of a charcoal basket, and demonstrates how you make a medium or low indirect heat for the grill. He also gives tips about using…

From Weber Grill, instructions on how to cook a prime rib using your grill's rotisserie.

How To Rotisserie Prime Rib

An excellent video from Weber Grill that shows you the proper way to cook delicious prime rib on your grill’s rotisserie. He covers every step, from seasoning to setting up the rotisserie and grill properly to cook the prime rib evenly. This is a mouth watering recipe, check it out.


Grilled Corn On The Cob

The Host uses three different butter mixes to grill this corn. The Chipotle/Lime recipe looks good. This is one of those opportunities to expand your range. It is uncommon for people to do more than, say, wrap corn up in foil with butter and salt when grilling. So try something a little bit different.